Sector: Waste Management

The Waste Management subsector consists of the Waste Management industry.

  • The Waste Management industry includes companies that collect, store, dispose of, recycle, or treat various forms of waste from residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Types of waste include municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, recyclable materials, and compostable or organic materials. Major companies are commonly vertically integrated, providing a range of services from waste collection to landfilling and recycling, while others provide specialized services such as treating medical and industrial wastes. Waste-to-energy operations are a distinct industry segment. Certain industry players also provide environmental engineering and consulting services, mostly to large industrial clients.

Solid and E-Waste Management

Waste Management

Expected Impact

Minimize health hazards associated with uncollected waste and move towards a circular economy with efficient and sustainable resource use.

Indicative Return
20% – 25%

Investment Timeframe
Short Term (0–5 years)